bauhaus imaginaries

exploring transcultural archives of systemic design


Sónia Alves, David Crombie, Henrik Elburn, Julia Hartnik, Hannes Käfer, David Maulen de los Reyes, Michael Schmitz, Jan Tretschok, Soenke Zehle


Schwerpunkt Forschung, Schwerpunkt Internationalisierung, Schwerpunkt Weiterbildung


2021, 2022

we can afford to look back. the breathlessness of “disruption” often means that we fail to explore the consequences of the - cultural, epistemological, historical - decontextualization that comes with an emphasis on disruption. we need to cut ties with the past to reach for new futures - we disagree with this powerful yet misleading narrative. instead: the archive is full of futures - if we make an effort to explore this archive, we will end up with a wider range of futures.

historical - a research collaboration to contribute to the ongoing (re)contextualization of the bauhaus - as institution, as network, as educational vision, as assemblage of actors across a wide terrain of design processes - that link the historical bauhaus to the current renaissance of systemic design, acknowledging and expanding the international resonances already traced and documented in bauhaus imaginista

technological - a foray into data space design, working with canvases as systemic design and eco-data literacy platforms to re-situate such tools as part of a broader political heritage of education and systemic design movements at least partially inspired by the bauhaus and framed by the current EU data space / green deal agenda

cultural - an attempt to reimagine anticipation as ethico-aesthetic practice, building on research in anticipation and collective intelligence design as well as the performing arts

educational - an effort to draw on these archives to build systemic design modules for, with a particular focus on regional development and public sector innovation as well as cross-sectoral organizational development. anticipation makes imaginaries tangible - as pragmatic imaginations that support design for emergence, contextualise reasoning, reflexion, and decision; and allow us to engage with concerns as complex (rather than chaotic / complicated)



sónia alves, david crombie, henrik elburn, julia hartnik, hannes käfer, david maulen de los reyes, michael schmitz, jan tretschok, soenke zehle



25/05/21 - hackathon / strategic narratives for regenerative economies / context: social economy canvaseuropean social economy summit

28-30/10/21 - hbk conference / welt der gestaltung als wille und vorstellung / context: eser / neb